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Overview of VYPRVPN

  1. In 2010 VyprVPN was founded under the umbrella company Golden Frog. It is grounded in Switzerland which is a country that has advantageous privacy laws for internet users. It includes a worldwide server network such as robust encryption practices, proprietary software, and excellent customer service.
  2. VyprVPN offers more than 2lakh IP addresses and over 700 servers in more than 50 locations worldwide. Instead of delegating it out to a third party the company manages its own software, hardware, and networks. The profit associated with this is it keeps things speedier and more secure.
  3. The founders of VyprVPN are Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis. In 1994 they have run internet businesses since the emergence of the public internet. They are very passionate about respecting the rights of internet users.
  4. In fact, VyprVPN was created in response to questionable internet surveillance practices conducted by the NSA.
  5. The company is dedicated to certain rules such as :
  6. Supporting for a free and open internet.
  7. Staying on top of the latest technology.
  8. They made privacy and security accessible to everyone.
  9. Being transparent and clear about its products, practices, and services.
  10. Their primary jurisdiction in Switzerland, which has either bad or good trade-offs. But on their page, they explain clearly why they love Switzerland. Golden Frog is integrated into Switzerland, as Switzerland’s favourable privacy laws imitate their mission as a company and respect the rights of internet users.
  11. Other VPNs don’t have exclusive DNS servers. Because they route to third-party servers where you are not necessarily as secure or anonymous. When surfing the web the path that you take is visible to a third party DNS server. But VyprVPN keeps all your information secure and along with that keep your browsing history private.
  12. Nowadays people are using frequently smartphones and tablets to access the internets but it important to protect your privacy on networks outside of your home. VyprVPN done with this criteria is compatible with all major devices like Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone.

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  1. Golden Frog VPN is the world’s most powerful VPN. Because of Golden Frog’s proprietary development and management, the connections of this is more reliable and faster than those offered by many other VPNs.
  2. Golden Frog VPN does not keep logs of user information or activity. Clearly, they state ontheir website that they don’t the observer, track or record anything. So you can trust this VPN that your data will be more secure.
  3. They make streaming videos which are incredibly efficient. If you are a regular user who uses Netflix or YouTube then you know that how frustrating it is to deal with buffering in every 15 minutes. But by using this you won’t have to worry about that. It’s built into the service, so when you connect via VyprVPN automatically you can able to use it.
  4. In case of speed, it seems to have robust and balanced networks. These server connections should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD videos, video conferencing, and gaming at the same time.
  5. VyprVPN has consistently more than 82% of bandwidth and better latency as compare to non-VPN. Along with ExpressVPN and PureVPN, it completes at the top-tier of speed or performance. Also, they had minimum “hops” as compared to other servers.
  6. In case of usability and on boarding,VyprVPN does very well with this. Up to activation flow, their sign is simple and straightforward. Their app provides a guided tour or setup flow with a click button at the end.
  7. VyprVPN services are compatible with all major devices like Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone. Here you can select your favourite server also and if you want to switch servers then also simple way is available there. In their network, you can also see the real-time status available servers.
  8. Golden Frog VPN comes with the powerful kill switch feature. It is unique in working like afail-safe. This ensures that you never have to compromise on your privacy and anonymity. Italso ensures that your personal information is never ever leaked.
  9. VyprVPN has multiple servers that placed strategically across the Globe and they provide higher speed. It has also servers in areas with notoriously restrictive internet laws. Most important is that they provide the wide range of servers and countries.

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  1. Every VPN service faces trade-offs with their service. Here we will discuss some disadvantages.
  2. It does not have any refund policy, only they offer 3-day free trial. Also, it does not have payment option means you cannot pay VyprVPN anonymously. Those who concerned about security then for them it is an issue.
  3. Business Option plans are more expensive than the personal plans.
  4. The most common complaint from the users is that it maintains 30-day connection logs. If you frequently download from torrent or if you want a clean internet history then it is not ideal for you.
  5. Here multiple users are allowed to connect to one IP address. Then it is extremely difficult to define the individual’s users.
  6. There is also a difference between connection and activity logs as they do not maintain activity logs. On the servers, there is absolutely no record of browsing history.
  7. It has 3 simultaneous connection per account and it does not support Person to person file sharing.
  8. It does not have clients for Windows mobile. Although it is quite easy to use, it is a little bulky.

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We have had a brief look at the features of VyprVPN in the overview section. Now, let us move ahead and know some other features of the same.

  1. VyprVPN provides AES-256 encryption over OpenVPN along with several different protocols. Encryption and security is the main part of their service.
  2. They also offer Cyphr which is a personal messaging system that does not record any personal information. Also, you can connect to this system without having any data traced back to you. No matter where you are this improves your mobile security. The specialty of Cyphr is that you don’t have to do anything extra to get added security when you are using this.
  3. As with all of its services Golden Frog is upfront about its data storage with Cyphr. The message content they encrypted in such a way that only the sender and the viewer can view it.
  4. As the message is transmitted Golden Frog does have to access some metadata and also it wipes out the metadata as soon as the message is delivered.
  5. They have two business option that is a regular version and a cloud version. So that it is easy for you to select an option which is suitable for you.

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It has collapsed his previous 3-flavour pricing model to simpler two that are:

  1. VyprVPN
  2. VyprVPN premium

VyprVPN costs per month $9.95 and premium goes for per month $12.95.  Both the tiers offer a free trial of three days. If you want to pay annually then you shell out only $5 per month or $6.67 per month. The annual price options are lower than the month-month fees. The cheaper plans offer up to 3 simultaneous connections and the upper tier up to 5. It is little uncommon because most of the VPN services provide 5 connections at the entry level and later offer additional connections for a prorated monthly fee.

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It protects your privacy and prevents your ISP from monitoring and controlling your online communication and browsing activity. It can protect your online activity from the third parties. Along with that, it creates a secure tunnel to the internet allowing you to experience the online world without websites blocks or corporate firewalls. Always IP address is a personal identifier so it can protect your IP address to identify you and your locations. It also prevents geo-targeting and location identification. By keeping your ISP inspecting, prioritizing, and throttling the data sent to and from your device it maintains your privacy and speed.

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Speed & Performance

Golden Frog VPN really offers unlimited services so never you won’t come across any restriction when connecting to a server. Also, the does not limit your downloads. If you want to switch the server then for that no fees associated with that.

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VyprVPN has multiple servers that placed strategically across the Globe and they provide higher speed. It has also servers in areas with notoriously restrictive internet laws. Most important is that they provide a wide range of servers and countries. Even if it has servers in China and Russia. They also provide a wide diversity of servers. There are a lot of choices within major countries and a selection of particular servers throughout the globe that is not clustered on one continent. No matter where you are if you need you can switch the locations.

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Customer Support

We have got a mixed response when it comes to the customer because judging customer support is tough. No doubt it is fast, as we talked about earlier.Their live chat also is quite prompt and courteous. With that, you can get in touch with the customers through a support person 24/7/365. The company will address all of your questions in real time is especially reassuring because you are paying more for this service. They don’t have phone support, No issues with that because you can also access customer support via community forums, email, and FAQ sections.They also provide support ticketing direct from the app with the option to automatically including the application logs.

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