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Overview of SaferVPN

SaferVPN is VPN connection based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. It tries to learn from older VPNs and tries to enhance its service for the fulfilment of all requirement that the users in present days have.

The core team of SaferVPN is the backbone of the company who are very passionate about protecting the data and privacy of internet user and ensuring everyone has a free and safe access to the internet.

In 2013, SaferVPN was released by cyber-security software developers. The founders of SaferVPN are Amit Bareket and SagiGidali. They both assembled together in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition and made the second place.

Safer Social, Ltd was developed SaferVPN which is a virtual private network. From WI-FI security risks this network protest user data through end-to-end encryption of user connections. In Turkey, Iran, and Bangladesh SaferVPN has provided free accounts to dissidents.

The Parent company of SaferVPN began raising capital after creating and patenting a system created to aid law enforcement in identifying and catching the car thieves.

The service of SaferVPN allows the user to surf privately, access blocked sites, and protect themselves from cyber scams, hackers, government monitoring, and snoopers.

You must remember that in March 2014 when Turkey attempted to block Twitter at that time SaferVPN launched the #unblocktheWeb. This initiative was created to give individuals blocked by government censorship-free access to a VPN.

Again in August2016, Unblocktheweb provided a free VPN account. The cause behind this free VPN account was to a coalition of Bangladeshi bloggers allowing them to express themselves safely and anonymously.

Apple approved SaferVPN to implement automatic WI-FI security in 2016.

The patented technology of SaferVPN alerts users when they connect to an unsecured WI-FI network and preventing the harmful data leaks.

It is affordable and has an excellent range of server locations. It recently launched 6 new servers in Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, and Thailand. Now, these new servers bring a total number of servers to over 500 in 30 different countries across the world.

SaferVPN also offers Business VPN which is an excellent option for businesses of all sizes. The cloud-based business VPNs helps to cut down the cost of hardware which makes it more cost-effective. SaferVPN understands the market requirement and made their solution tailor-made to suits the need of business in a secure and cost-effective way.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of this SaferVPN.

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  1. SaferVPN has great download speed. SaferVPN is fast having an impressive 79.23mbps on an EU server. Out of 30 plus, it is the 5th fastest VPN that has ever been reviewed.
  2. It has seamless installation and use. Usually, VPN providers who force users to restart their devices after installing the VPN client but this SaferVPN is ‘restart-free’. This is one of the simplest and most user-friendly VPN.
  3. Effective customer service. SaferVPN services are compatible with all major devices like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and routers. This platform also has an extension for Chrome Browser. They were using an automated software to respond to different customers.
  4. It can kill switch and five simultaneous connections. It is unique in working like a fail-safe. This ensures that you never have to compromise on your privacy and anonymity. It also ensures that your personal information is never ever leaked.
  5. SaferVPN also gives to its users is Peer to Peer sharing activity. By the use of this, you can prevent while torrenting yourself from receiving legal backlashes.
  6. The product and website are absolutely easy to understand, use and navigate.
  7. Besides this, SaferVPN comes in a beautiful and affordable offerthat is a generous 30 days money back guarantee. Along with that also you can try this service for 24 hours to get a feel of it.

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  1. You should note that out of their collection of 700 SaferVPN has only one server where Peer to Peer sharing is only possible. If you are wondering that is the Netherlands server. So if you plan to use their services solely for torrenting then forget it because of very limited torrenting.
  2. There is no strict logging policy.
  3. If you think about the first country that needs to use SaferVPNthen the first name comes to mind is China. But this SaferVPN does not work in China. This is the big problem for the company.

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We have had a brief look at the features of SaferVPN in the overview section. Now, let us move ahead and know some other features of the same.

  1. Service of SaferVPN is on the rise. It is easy to use because of single-click interface.
  2. For business and homes, it provides VPN solutions.
  3. SaferVPN 3.0 came with many new features like super sleek design and UX. It also provides most recommended servers that are based on location and speed tests. So you can search easily your favourite and most desired international server locations.
  4. It supports mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Also, it is Windows and Mac compatible, Linux compatible as well.
  5. It provides options for unlimited server switching and internet kill switch.
  6. It comes with automatic WIFI security and automatic diagnose fix.
  7. When you use SaferVPNthen bandwidth used, the country you connect to the VPN from or you connect through the VPN to, timestamps of the sessions are recorded.

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SaferVPN provides 3 main plans that are 1month, 1year, 2years plans.

  1. In 1 month plan with no restrictions on server switching, bandwidth usage, access to features you get one month’s VPN service at a price of $9.99.
  2. In 1 year plan, you can get one year’s VPN service for $59.95. This is a reasonable offer which puts the monthly cost at $4.99 per month.
  3. In 2 year plan, a two year subscription with SaferVPN comes at the price of $83.77. It is billed in every two years. Per month $3.49 is the monthly expenditure.

In money back guarantee plan if you think their service is not up to the mark then you can back out and get a full refund within the first month of subscribing to them

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We wouldn’t recommend SaferVPN to those who are particularly strict about their privacy. It does not maintain some metadata about how you use the service so who are privacy and anonymity specialist they may want to carefully consider this service.

It also provides information that how long and when you connect to the service, how much amount of data transmitted. Along with that from which country you are connecting from and the IP address of the server that you used also it offers.

It is the good choice for the basic users who just want a VPN that works and gets you connected securely over public WIFI or at home.

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Speed and Performance

SaferVPN has great download speed. SaferVPN is fast having an impressive 79.23mbps on an EU server. Out of 30 plus, it is the 5th fastest VPN that has ever been reviewed. By collecting different reviews SaferVPN’s average speed came out nearly 33 percent of the base download speed. Which means SaferVPN will definitely get the job done.

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Service of SaferVPN provides the best and quickest VPN connecting through top-of-the-line servers across the globe. Except China, Asia is well covered by SaferVPN. It recently launched 6 new servers in Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, Romania, South Africa, and Thailand. Now, these new servers bring the total number of servers to over 500 in 30 different countries across the world. It can connect to any of our global servers and gain completely unrestricted access online.

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Customer Support

For both registered and unregistered users can contact 24/7 support staff for fast and informative dialogues. Email query and Online Chat questions are answered within few minutes by Customer support team. Their live chat also is quite prompt and courteous.Although the waiting time may differ from query to query as per the complexity of the query. The support team does have a good approval percentage of 95% from all customer. They also offer comprehensive self-service tool.We have got the mixed response when it comes to the customer. No doubt it is fast, as we talked about earlier.SaferVPN ensures its customers can find the information they need quickly by keeping their self-service resources accurate and up-to-date.

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