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Overview of PureVPN

  1. PureVPNwas founded in 2006 by the parent company GZ Systems. Based in Hong-Kong, this is one of the oldest and largest VPN providers present in the market today.
  2. What started as just a humble 2-server thing is now expanded exponentially. Today,  their operation traverses across boundaries and they claim to have more than 750 servers. These are spread over 140 different countries.
  3. You must note that there is an involvement of risky jurisdiction for a VPN provider based in Hong Kong. This implies that it is outside the reach of US and EU jurisdiction.This jurisdiction could be risky because of the place’s high proximity to China.
  4. PureVPN offers services that include a full-featured app. It also offers an impressive range of server locations that spans across the globe. It works well with applications like Netflix and most of the streaming services.
  5. It also takes into account maintenance of your privacy and is available at a very attractive price point.
  6. PureVPN is an attractive option for all those people who are regular streamers of content and look forward to tightening up security during their browsing.
  7. It is affordable and has excellent range of server locations. A few of them have eye-catching performance that makes it all the more worth-while.
  8. Though the app has some excellent features, it is quite clumsy and slow. We say this because we found some issues with its speed and timely delivery.
  9. Also, if complete privacy is what you are looking for, then PureVPN isn’t for you.
  10. Although, we would like to inform that its security comes from the fact that they manage and host their own DNS software and their own network. However, this doesn’t mean that it is free from issues.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of this PureVPN.

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  1. PureVPN services are compatible with all major devices like Windows, Android, Mac, iOS and Linux.
  2. It allows the users to even set up PureVPN to work with their routers, streaming services and smart TVs. This allows for optimization of online protection.
  3. This virtual router feature helps you to incorporate Windows desktop or laptop with ‘router’-like features. Thus, you can connect up to 10 different devices.  This comes a great boon as some VPN services, like VyprVPN limit the user to two simultaneous connections and nothing more.
  4. PureVPN also gives you the famous ‘split-tunneling’ feature. By the use of this, you can choose the direction and volume of traffic that you would like to send. So, you can split your data as and when needed.
  5. PureVPNcomes with the powerful kill switch feature. It is unique in working like a fail-safe. This ensures that you never have to compromise on your privacy and anonymity.It also ensures that your personal information is never ever leaked.
  6. To add to all the benefits,PureVPNalso comes with the NAT Firewall add-on. This protects you against all the plausible hacking loopholes and insecurites.
  7. Besides this, PureVPN comes in a beautifu and affordable annual plan that will help you make the most out of your money.
  8. It also provides unlimited bandwidth around the globe.
  9. It supports more than 75,000 IP addresses.
  10. The product and website is absolutely easy to understand, use and navigate.
  11. Live customer chat is available and they resolve your queries at lightning speeds. They also have an email support and FAQs and a community forum to help you with all your queries.

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  1. You could really be troubled by the extremely slow download speeds at times. An average of their speed would be around 35Mbps only.
  2. There have been quite a few cases where customers have found leaks in their DNS and personal IP addresses. Some have also noticed leaks in IPv4 and IPv6.
  3. Many clients are not satisfied with the advertising practices and promises that PureVPN has made to them. Some find the prices to be a little bloated while some others complain of a terrible customer experience. All in all, we can expect a few ups and downs here and there.
  4. Their money back guarantee is applicable only when you have used lesser than 3 GB of data.
  5. Contrary to what they claim, PureVPN actually monitors and tracks your log-in and log-outs. This is against what they mention while advertising.
  6. The registration process is, we would say, quite lengthy and it is invasive to a great extent.

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  1. We have had a brief look at the features of PureVPN in the overview section. Now, let us move ahead and know some other features of the same.
  2. PureVPN has the intelligent serve selection capability.
  3. It automatically chooses the best possible server, based on your specific use.
  4. It can choose from security, anonymity, VoIP, unblocking sites and entertainment.
  5. It uses diverse platforms for easy usage and transition.
  6. PureVPN is compatible on a number of operating systems and platforms like we earlier mentioned. It is Windows and Mac compatible, Linux compatible as well.
  7. It supports mobile apps for both Android and iOS.
  8. It supports multiple protocols. These include PPTP. L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN.
  9. It also provides a multitude of add-ons and features for an overall satisfactory usage.
  10. It provides options of unlimited server switching and internet kill switch.

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  1. PureVPN provides one of the best deals in the market. It’s 2 year subscription plan is truly commendable and affordable.
  2. You get to save around 73% with its 2 year subscription.  The cost per month comes to around $2.95 and the total cost is $59.
  3. This is quite low compared to its monthly subscription of 11 dollars. It also has another plan of 6 months, where you get another 6 months for free.
  4. This is available for $9 a month and thus, a total of $54 for the year. Here, you get to save around 18 %.

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We wouldn’t recommend PureVPN to those who are particularly strict about their privacy. It defaults to PPTP, the weakest and most vulnerable protocol.

There have been many instances of the leaks of IP addresses and L2TP.

Recently, there has been revelations of how the company has been lying about the metadata that they collect.It does keep a log out and log in record for its customers, contrary to what they claim.

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Speed and Performance

PureVPNdisappoints us with the speeds. They are quite slow as compared to what it used to be years ago. There has been a considerate decrease in global download speeds. However, we would like to mention that the upload speeds are still very quick everywhere.

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PureVPNhas quite an amazing base of server locations. It has 47 server locations across Europe and 35 in North America, including 11 in the US.

Asia is well covered by PureVPN. It has two servers in China with really reasonable speeds given local limitations.

It also has the city-level server facilities. Countries with city-level server choice include the UK, US, Australia and Canada, Europe and Asia such as Germany, France and India.

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Customer Support

We have got mixed response when it comes to customer. No doubt it is fast, as we talked about earlier. However, they are scripted and have links to FAQs. Actually, the swiftness in response is mainly due to these reasons. Therefore, it may not always be very helpful or relevant to your queries. Their live chat also is quite prompt and courteous. However, we found it quite ineffective in solving issues other than teaching the new-comers how to use the product..

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Easy to use
  • Awesome Price
  • Best featured functions on market
  • App is very easy to use
  • Design in unique and very user friendly
  • Support is slow sometimes
  • No video in docs

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