Best VPN For Mac

Best VPN For Mac

If you take a look at the market share of desktops, you will find that the Cupertino based Apple computers having a very good share. There are millions of people using Mac OSX as it is very safe. As the popularity of Mac systems is on the rise, there is also an increase in the malicious software. There is no doubt that the Apple Mac computers are more secure than the Windows computers. But, you need to still take measures to ensure your safety, security and privacy when you go online. There are many characteristics of Mac that will empower the dominance of the PC, but when it comes to security, you need to be doubly sure. This is where a Mac VPN will come into the picture as it will offer you unmatched security and privacy online.

As a user of Mac computer, it is your duty to secure your computers and private data from internet fraudsters. This is why you need to use the best VPN for Mac OS X as it offers top quality online security and privacy. Your data transmissions will be completely encrypted and cannot be tracked online. Your online data will be secured as soon as it leaves your Mac system and all communication will be taking place between the system and VPN servers will be 100% encrypted. By using the best VPN for Mac 2022, you will be able to surf any website you want from anywhere, anonymously without revealing your real online identity or IP address.

You will be provided with a fake IP address by your VPN service provider and hence no one will ever know that you are visiting the banned website in your area.

Why VPN for Mac?

Using the best VPN on Mac computers is a boon to all users who access internet very frequently. It will provide you with the online freedom and security you want and allow you to remain anonymous on the web. You are offered with premium quality data encryption by the best Mac VPN providers, so that your traffic is out of reach from anyone looking out for you. There is no need to worry about being exposed to hacks and threats online when you use the VPN for Mac laptop.

The following are the best VPN for Mac in 2022

1. NordVPN

Nord VPN is a second to none service in the world. Double encryption afforded by the service is to make your sensitive data effectively protected while being online. More than six hundred server locations in fifty two countries on all the continents, except Antarctic, are held and the number is being grown. Unlimited speed and bandwidth, which is to allow you watching any streaming services without hits or delays, are offered too. Known as one of the simplest in its installation and usage services, any of your data or metadata is not stored by the provider and a kill switch is built in for your convenience in operation. The standard package is compatible with common OSES and multiple connections up to six devices together are allowed, which is of a high use for those who travel a lot. A professional online support is suggested to the customers and such anonymous payment methods as bitcoins are accepted.

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2. PureVPN

To begin with, they have a stylish yet easy-to-navigate website. Money-back guarantee is one of the most appreciated features. They have more than 10,000 customers. If you are looking for a professional service, then this is the perfect choice. They have wonderful software and incredible speed. Quality is something you will instantly attach with their service. You will also appreciate the performance. Excellent customer support is another great thing about PureVPN. The attractive features of this free VPN Mac OS are:

  1. Multiple payment methods along with anonymous Bitcoin payment option.
  2. Five different devices can be connected simultaneously.
  3. Assigns a new IP address for every user.
  4. OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and PPTP data encryption.
  5. Military grade 256-bit encryption.
  6. No limits on server switching and speed.
  7. Over 50 servers located in over 100 countries with 80,000 IP addresses.

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3. Hide My Ass!

Despite the extraordinary name of the service, HMA VPN is a great chance for any customer to care for the system and internet environment. The service is compatible with most popular platforms including routers, which makes it suitable for practically any device. The service is supported by a highly-professional assistance, which makes it easy to run even for average customers. So, if you want to get a possibility to access your favorite websites being abroad or living in a country that follows the politics of total censoring, HMA is the best way to do it.


4. ExpressVPN

When it comes to ExpressVPN, you can see that they have given so much more significance on security and simplicity. It has a good free VPN for Mac client software. There are so many things that work in the favor of ExpressVPN. They provide amazing speed. You will be impressed with the clean interfaces. Moreover, they have so many servers at their disposal. So, all these things make them the No. 1 provider. They have servers in 78 countries and not too many have such coverage. Most importantly, it is really easy to use. If you have been looking for an excellent VPN client for Mac, then this is the best. OpenVPN Mac is another popular service. However, people are constantly looking for the best free VPN for Mac. You should know that free VPN software for Mac have their limitations. The key features as to why this VPN offers best VPN Services for Mac OS are:

  1. No keeping of logs.
  2. File sharing and P2P download options.
  3. PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and SSTP protocol support.
  4. 128 and 256 bit solid encryption.
  5. Money return policy within 30 days.
  6. No limitations on speed and bandwidth.
  7. 100% online privacy with guarantee to hide your IP address from online hackers, snoopers and spies.

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Why use Mac VPN?

There is no illegality or anything criminal that you are doing using a VPN service. It can be used to enjoy a multitude of benefits. One of the most important things is that a reliable VPN for Mac provides an easy access to all streaming services from any place in the world. This is an icing on the cake for every subscribed member of streaming services so that they can watch their favorite TV programs and movies when they are out of their country. Even though Mac computers are less prone to threats from viruses and malware than other operating systems, it is at high risk of getting hacked. Hacking your Apple computer when you are using public Wi-Fi hotspots is very easy. If you are accessing the Internet through public Wi-Fi using a secured VPN network, you are ensured of good data security and no one will be able to access your computer. It will show the hacker that your data is completely encrypted and cannot be infiltrated.

Features of a good Mac VPN

It is highly important that you choose the best VPNs for Mac that offers a comprehensive set of features that will help in making it very effective. There is no point in opting for a free VPN for Mac version just to save money. It will not serve your purpose of getting anonymous online and to access all blocked websites. There will also be no privacy and security that you can enjoy through the free VPNs. You should choose a VPN for Mac service that guarantees you no lagging when watching streaming content online. They must be having a wide variety of servers located all over the globe so that you get to access your favorite content from anywhere without any restrictions or blocks. This way you will be able to make use of any fake IP address located in any part of the world to access all blocked contents right from your home or office. The VPN must be able to encrypt your online data foolproof and also provide you with a fast Internet connection. If you have several devices that you use to access online websites and streaming services, then you need to opt for VPNs that offer you multiple device connectivity through a single account. You need to have the option to run at least two to three devices simultaneously at any time to enjoy different websites on different devices.

Connecting Mac to VPN

Most of the modern day Mac OS X comes with inbuilt support to connect to all popular types of VPNs, to connect to PPTP or L2TP/IPSec VPNs, you need to click on the Apple menu, choose system preferences and then click on Network option. Next, click on the Wi-Fi icon seen on the menu bar to get access to Open Network preferences. Choose the VPN option by clicking on the plus sign button seen on the left bottom corner of the screen. Chose the VPN server, you would like to connect to the VPN type box. Enter the username, VPN server’s address and other settings and finally click on the Authentication Settings option to get the authentication to connect to the VPN service.

Best VPN For Mac
Best VPN For Mac

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