Best VPN For India

What Is 5 Best Indian VPN

1. NordVPN: A commercial VPN service with super speed and a highly encrypted security system. It unblocks most of the Indian sites.
2. Surfshark: A rising Hotstar in India with secure and exciting features. Around 35 servers within three locations in India.
3. ProtonVPN: A valued Packed VPN for India with no bandwidth limits and strict privacy policy.
4. Private Internet Access: A US-based VPN provides a SOCKS proxy and excellent Netflix streaming experience in India.
5. CyberGhost: Provides the best streaming and reliable torrenting experience with reasonable pricing. It is the best for Mac users.

How to Choose a VPN

There are so many VPN alternatives available in India that it’s practically impossible to choose the right one either you are an expert or a newbie. Few factors that need to keep in mind to choose the right VPN in India. The most important factors are security and speed.

In this section, I will provide you an in-depth guideline to choose the VPN.


The main purpose of using a VPN in India is to protect yourself from being observed. India’s government does not ensure the right to privacy of citizens. FinSpy backdoors, a type of spyware used for surveillance and control, by the government. Hence, Security is the most crucial factor for choosing the right VPN provider in India. If you choose a VPN that has weak security, then it isn’t particularly useful.

A virtual private network (VPN) establishes a secure connection between a user’s computer and a VPN server, masking their internet behavior and location. For hiding browsing information, it connects customer’s devices to the VPN server and then routing their internet traffic through the VPN provider’s internet connection. There have several features to compose a VPN secure. You must look at them before buying a VPN for India.

IP Address Leak Protection:

The main functionality of a VPN is to hide the IP address and ensure secure and private internet browsing. But sometimes some VPN fails to ensure masking IP location. This is a serious drawback of a VPN provider. You should check online reviews to verify if they have a history of IP address leaks or not.

No Information Stored:

Reliable VPNs do not capture or log data that users share on the web, such as login passwords, downloaded files, and browsing history. This feature ensures the user’s privacy and security. Not only that, but this key feature of a VPN also ensures that your data is secure even if an attacker acquires illegal entry to a VPN tool. So, before choosing VPN, you should check whether the VPN provider logs your browsing history or not.

VPN Kill Switch Enabled:

When a secure connection drops, your internet connection switches to the regular connection. To decrease the risk of sensitive data being leaked by applications, a VPN kill switch function automatically quits certain programs if the internet connection becomes unreliable. This is an unavoidable feature of a VPN. When considering a VPN in India, you should ensure this feature is enabled in your desire VPN.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) System Enabled:

A multi-factor authentication (MFA) system ensures that before being allowed VPN access, a user must authenticate their identification, proving that they are who they say they are. For example, when a user enters their username and password, the VPN provider sends a Short Message Service (SMS) to their mobile or email address. After entering the code, a user can access the VPN connection. This added layer of protection ensures that only authorized users have access to a VPN. MFA makes it more difficult for a hacker to steal data. You should consider a VPN provider by ensuring this feature is available.


Though the basic goal of a VPN is to protect your privacy and security, you don’t want lagging when you browse the internet. Consider yourself playing a video game on your mobile or watching a movie on Netflix and the loading circle appears frequently on your mobile screen.

How irritating is this!

So, it is understandable that speed is a top priority for choosing a VPN in India. However, internet speed is super-fast in India. That’s why it shouldn’t be an issue. Still, you make sure that your picked VPN provides always fast and stable internet speed.

User-friendly Interface

User-friendliness is an important feature not only for VPN but also for any other software. However, the good news is almost all modern VPNs are more or less user-friendly. Even that you should look at some specific features that make a VPN easier to use.

All device accessibility: VPNs that are user-friendly in 2022 are capable of working on multiple platforms such as mobile, computer, smart TV, router, streaming media devices, gaming console, and more. Before choosing your VPN, make sure your provider provides a large number of connections (min 10-12) per account.

Ease of use: If you are not tech-savvy, you need a VPN that is easy to use for cyber protection. In 2022, almost all VPNs have a one-click start feature. You need to make sure that your desire VPN has this feature enabled.

Clean design: Clean and eye-catchy design is essential for using software or application nowadays. You just look on your VPN whether it is a fabulous design or not.

Ad-blocker enabled: It isn’t just black hat hackers who seek to track your online activities. Advertisers are likewise interested in knowing which websites you frequently visit. Furthermore, advertisements are irritating when you browse your applications. Don’t forget to check for VPNs that block advertisements as well as malware.

Reliable Encryption

A good VPN with a solid encryption mechanism will certainly secure your data and privacy. A competent encryption system will bounce your Internet traffic through numerous servers rather than transmitting it to a single server. It also keeps away unauthorized people from accessing your files. So, if you want to keep your online anonymity, you should look for a VPN that can perform all of these things.

Effective Customer Support

When you will face a problem with your VPN, you need support from the VPN provider quickly and efficiently. Though it looks not important, it should not be overlooked. because problems arise sooner or later even it is a good VPN. For example, installation and use or finding the right server of Netflix. So, always make sure that your chosen VPN provider in India has a great support facility such as 24/7 availability, several support methods like phone, email, live chat, forum, etc.

P2P Support

If you want to use a VPN to access things like games, movies, books, music, and apps, you should look for one that allows peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing. Most VPN providers, on the other hand, aren’t very interested in that idea. The Copyright Act in India is strictly followed. That’s why you cannot access torrent files without using a VPN. This is another reason why P2P support is essential for your VPN in India.

Hence, you should look for VPNs that have a clear policy on P2P sharing. When it comes to P2P, a good VPN provider has no restrictions, allowing you to share unlimited files.


Lastly, the accessibility of a VPN is essential, especially for frequent travelers. You wouldn’t pay for a service that you can only use in one location but not multiple locations, right?

Because some websites may be restricted in some places, it’s best to find a VPN that works everywhere. One indicator of a quality VPN is that it ensures you get the same services no matter where you are.

How does a VPN help?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure and private network connection between you and the internet. This sounds so simple and easy work, right? But VPN can do a hell of a lot of work for you.

Do you want to hide your IP Address, or protect your data? Who can help you more than a VPN? Doesn’t matter if you want to bypass censorship or website restrictions, a virtual private network is here for you.

When the VPN is on, it creates a virtual tunnel through which your data traffic is encrypted. So, you are hidden from the eyes of prying eyes on the internet. Because it hides your true IP address by masking your true identity and location too. You can never be traced or identified.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you are using a public Wifi network in an airport or a hotel or coffee shop. How can you be sure that the network is secured or someone is not monitoring your activities by accessing your IP address and personal data?

If you connect VPN on your device while using a public wi-fi network no one can trace your location nor can access your IP address. Just because the restaurant you are sitting in has a wifi network named “KFC wifi” doesn’t mean it’s owned by the KFC owner.

Here is another practical example explaining how VPN helps. Suppose you are traveling abroad and you open your browser and search for specialized websites. But Alas! You are restricted as you are from that particular country, where you were living.

So, you can spoof your location by turning on VPN and you can come back to familiar places if you want to. It will not bother accessing your internet connection anymore.

Will a VPN improve my speeds?

This is a question that will pop your mind while using a VPN for the first time. Fine, it is not quite a ‘YES’ or ‘No’ type question. We know VPN helps us in many ways. But very few of us know that sometimes it can also increase the Internet speed. But before going any further, you need to know the basic fact that, most of the time, using a VPN will reduce your internet speed.

When the encryption system is running on your proxy server through a VPN and you have a healthy internet connection on your device, your speed is bound to decrease. Though many other users have claimed to have a better experience of browsing while using VPN, here come a few interesting explanations concerning this.

  • Suppose, you are in India and connecting to a server in Australia. The internet speed will decrease to a certain limit. If you connect a server with a shorter distance than Australia, then speed will improve.
  • While a lot of people are connected to a specific server using VPN the speed will decrease. The overload issue always slows the speed down.

The quality of the encryption is a matter of fact to determine whether the internet speed will increase or decrease. The stronger the encryption system, the more secure your data will be and at the same time, your internet speed will decrease. It’s your choice to select a VPN that allows for more speed but less security.

Benefits Of Using VPN In India?

A virtual private network creates a tunnel between someone’s internet traffic and the expected browsing site where he or she can travel without being monitored by anyone. While talking about VPN, India is one of the largest countries with VPN service users. While staying in India, you will receive numerous facilities with a VPN.

Access Region Locked Data
One of the biggest advantages you will get with the VPN service is that as soon as the VPN is connected it will look like the data originated in that country. Suppose you are staying in Australia but using a VPN service located in India. Then, you will be shown as an Indian user.

Protection From Government Surveillance
You must know that the government of India has the right to monitor your activities on the internet. The Telegraph Act, 1883 makes it legal for the Indian government. It is a big problem for the users who want privacy and security while traveling on the internet.

A fast VPN service will hinder the monitoring system of the Government of India and let you access all the restricted websites too. The encrypted information is controlled by the VPN service author and you are free from fear.

Access to Geo-blocked Services
If you know how a VPN service system works, you must be informed that it will provide you with a new Internet Protocol (IP) address apart from your original one. IP address contains your information like from where you are browsing or where you are heading to.

Few of the web pages blocked certain users from different countries. While you are in India, VPN will take you to web pages that don’t support users from here. VPN India server will allow you to stream online or engage in any other online activities.

Stop unauthorized data Collection
Sometimes the web pages collect information from the users while roaming on the internet and visiting those specific pages. The analysis tool shows how a web page collects real-life information by accessing IP addresses. Well, the best VPN in India can save you from unauthorized access to your data collection.

How to watch American Netflix in India through a VPN?

The US Netflix library has many TV shows and movies that you can’t view from India. There are thousands of TV shows that the Indians cannot view instead of paying the same subscription fee as the American users. They block any person from outside the US.

So you need to break the restriction by showing yourself in the US. You can change the location of your browsing history with a VPN service. Follow the following steps:

  1. Register and sign up for one VPN service provider. You should search for the best VPN for India and choose one of those.
  2. Once the payment procedure is done, download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Restart the device after the installation.
  4. Now open the app and choose a US Netflix server.
  5. Now connect to the server.
  6. Open Netflix. Wait for the con action to be established.
  7. Congratulations! You will automatically be directed to Netflix USA.

Note that, few of the US servers may not be able to unblock Netflix. You can consult the customer’s support, in that case.

Why Use VPN Over Tor or Proxy?

There is always confusion about whether you should use Tor over VPN or VPN over Tor or Proxy. Okay, let us explain it to you. Both Proxy, Tor, and VPN create a higher degree of privacy by hiding your IP address.

The proxy servers create IP masking and make them viewable geographically limited content. A proxy acts as a gateway ideal for anonymous browsing and circumventing. The same goes with Tor. Proxy and Tor are good but they are not get-out-of-Big-brother free cards. They can’t encrypt your browsing habits, meaning anyone using from the same locality can collect your data.

Here comes the VPN as a savior. VPN is more secure and stable for you than Tor or Proxy. After a lot of investigation, we have noticed that many of the web services reject users of Tor or Proxy in their web pages to visit. As a matter of policy, they reject your access. If you need access there at all, you must use a VPN service that will create a new IP address for you.

After all, you are not totally secure as the VPN authority has information about your network habits. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, you need to allow this.

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